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Located in downtown Mountain View, Intentio Health & Fitness is a 2,500 square foot, high-performance facility aimed at elite athletes both to improve their fitness and facilitate rehabilitation in case of injury. It is focused more on coaching than gym training and has machines to teach proper technique.

A high level triathlete, owner Anna Hertel purchased the building and we helped create the design of the interior space including reception and waiting, gymnasium area with boxing room, new bathrooms with lockers, treatment tables and staff offices. The gym is a two-story space with exercise equipment a level up from standard gym, and upstairs is an AlterG machine – a treadmill that holds you weightless suspended in a water filled bag. Wearing a wetsuit you can run without impact to knee and leg joints.

Aimed at focusing training attitudes, a large white board spans the waiting and exercise areas reminding you that mental attitude is as important as physical conditioning. The look and feel of Intentio was intended to be like a spa with a serious training demeanor.