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Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, ODS Architecture is an architectural design firm that specializes in new custom homes, whole house transformations, and unique office and museum spaces. We create buildings and spaces for living and working that are simple, efficient, and attuned to the owner’s needs. The solution is the coming together of all these elements which can be modern with elegant proportions or a transition between traditional and contemporary that benefits both.

Provided are full design services that include architecture and interior design seamlessly joined together. Work is done through extensive 3D modeling, planning and building department coordination, color, materials and lighting design, and construction supervision through project completion. Our process involves several builder pricing sessions until the design and cost are comfortable. Builders we use are known by us to be reliable and proven. Experienced in working with us, they are familiar with the details, manufacturers and materials we utilize. Detailed time schedules are made to describe the project milestones so the process can be planned and controlled.

With over twenty years of experience, our design team works within a system that ensures that clients’ goals are achieved, control over budget is maintained and the project moves forward in a logical, consistent manner. The design, permit, bid and construction process may seem dizzying—our goal is to create a manageable process with gratifying end results. Our knowledge of colors, materials, plumbing fixtures, hardware, doors and windows, appliances, lighting fixtures, give owners total control over the end result. Recommended is everything needed to move into the finished product.