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We met the owners after they had completed the purchase of a house and property in a residential neighborhood in Burlingame. Their intent was to tear it down and construct a new 3,000 square foot home in its place, designed with contemporary aesthetics. Their wish list was for a four-bedroom home and they wanted two master bedroom suites, one for their parents and the other for themselves. Another request was that all the major living rooms and spaces be clustered toward the rear yard and not the street away from traffic and noise. Functional rooms and elements such as the stairs, laundry room and powder room were used as privacy buffers and placed toward the street side or front of the home. A requirement of the area was that it was in a flood plain so all living spaces had to be above the four-foot high flood plain limit.

City of Burlingame design review process required pitched roofs where the owners preferred flat roofs; the design was modified to accommodate this. Other changes involved reducing or modifying window glass areas and the project received approval. An extensive pricing process involving four general contractors enabled the house to be built within the owner’s budget without sacrifices to the design.

The design is considered transitional in nature, crossing between the traditional style of the neighborhood and the modern contemporary look the owners wanted. A 500 square foot detached garage sits at the end of the rear yard. The lower level is wrapped in wood siding and the upper floor in stucco with a standing seam metal roof capping the structure. A beautiful open tread wood, steel and glass stair connects the two floors.

A prototypical modern transitional design home for multi-generational living in an urban neighborhood.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Morf | Chang Landscape Architecture